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Archive April 2018

Fiber Cement Home Exterior Remodel: Before and After

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When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, it helps to think of it as an opportunity…

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Boost Your Curb Appeal with These 3 Outdoor Spring Project Ideas

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At the end of a long winter, the exterior of your home probably looks little worse for wear. Cold weather…

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7 Exterior Home Décor Ideas: Decorative Accessory Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

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When it comes to your home’s appearance, it’s crucial not to overlook the most important piece of all; the exterior…

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Choosing the Best Cladding Panels for Your Building

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Not all homes or buildings are created equally. So, when it comes to the exterior cladding, you need to ensure…

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3 Common Misconceptions of Fiber Cement Siding

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Fiber cement siding is one of the most durable, attractive, and versatile options out there for siding your home. It…

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