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Archive November 2018

6 Problems with PVC Trim and a Better Alternative

Thursday, November 29 2018
Problems with pvc trim

Trim is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. It creates a finished appearance for the home…

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Allura Color Spotlight: Snow, Siding That Offers a Clean White Look

Thursday, November 22 2018
Siding clean white

Making a decision on your exterior home siding color takes time and thoughtful consideration. With such a wide range of…

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Home Color Options: Blue House Siding with White Trim

Thursday, November 15 2018
Allura blue siding

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the exterior color scheme for your home. You need to consider your architecture…

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Fiber Cement Fascia: Accentuate a Home’s Exterior with Trim

Thursday, November 08 2018
Fiber cement fascia

Every architectural style has its accents, charm, and decorative features that help make that style great. Whether it’s Victorian gingerbread…

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