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Remodeling with Cement Board Siding

2017 03 11 09 02 15 gallery

Homeowners who are looking to sell their homes often end up questioning whether they should remodel first, to make the…

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The Top 50 California Home Builder Blogs

Blog ca

Whether you’re looking for new sources of inspiration for your home project or just wants to get updated with the…

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5 Home Building Trends for California in 2017

R55 unknown

Home building in California is on the rise again after a several years’ slump. And builders all over the state…

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Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Siding Options

Home building california

Siding helps to protect your home, while creating a large part of your property’s curb appeal. So, it’s no wonder…

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7 Major Problems with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding

Many homeowners are often on the lookout for low maintenance materials to use on their homes. This is particularly true…

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