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Archive August 2016

Before and After with Allura Fiber Cement

Allura fiber cement 5454

Fiber cement siding has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the last several years. As homeowners begin to look for…

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7 Things to Consider When Residing Your Home

Residing your home 2  1

Siding does more than simply cover your home’s exterior; this important piece of your home’s curb appeal also protects it…

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12 Modern Home Exterior Ideas to Steal From Allura's Image Gallery

Modern home exterior ideas

The appeal of modern homes continues to grow each year. And with that appeal comes more and more homeowners who…

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Clad Your Building in Style with Fiber Cement

Cladding for buildings

There are many ways that you can finish the exterior of your home or business. This exterior cladding is used…

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7 Modern Home Design Trends for 2016

Fiber cement siding decking

Modern home design is beginning to take off in new and exciting ways. Even more traditional designs like rustic and…

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