Savannah Wicker Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

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Neutral, natural tones have been one of the most popular choices for siding color around the country for many years. This trend does not seem to be changing any time soon, either, which makes Savannah Wicker from Allura a natural choice for those looking to make the switch to durable, low maintenance fiber cement siding on their homes.

Deep Neutral Color

There are many different colors and tones that people consider to be neutrals. These can range from cream tones to browns nearing chocolate in color. Savannah Wicker from Allura is perfectly balanced between these tones. Deeper than the popular “biscuit” color, but not so dark that it ceases to be a neutral and becomes a brown instead.

Savannah Wicker has a deep, slightly golden hue to the color, yet in certain lights can also appear to have a gray undertone as well. This makes the color the perfect neutral choice for many properties, because it will pair well with natural stone, wood stains, darker browns, crisp whites, creams, and even black, giving homeowners a lot of options on how they will trim and roof their properties.

Versatile Color

Savannah Wicker, like many neutrals, tends to be extremely versatile in the type and style of siding that it works well on. The color works best on traditional siding, including horizontal lap, board and batten, and shingles, but it can also work well on more contemporary siding types as well, such as stucco-look architectural panels and trim.

The key is in the way that the color is paired with other tones and trim. Used on a mixture of horizontal lap siding and cedar-look shingles and paired with black shutters, it becomes an extremely traditional and even formal color for the home. Mixed with deeper earth tones on the roof and used with lots of natural rock in the landscaping, the color can become more natural and contemporary, pairing well with a number of different contemporary homes. In this way Savannah Wicker can become the backdrop to whatever it is you are attempting to produce on your home’s façade, blending in with and complementing a wide variety of different colors and styles for the whole.

Natural Contrast

Savannah Wicker looks its best when it’s being paired with another color or material that it can contrast against. For this reason, natural fieldstone, which often has shades of brown, tan and rust mixed with gray, is the perfect complement to the color. A home sided in Savannah Wicker would stand out when paired with a fieldstone chimney or stone veneer accent on the façade.

The neutral tone of Savannah Wicker also means that color pairs very well with both lights and darks. For example, very white trim will look crisp and clean against a Savannah Wicker home, while a very dark brown roof will give depth to the property at the same time. Avoid using accent colors that are also very neutral with this color, as it may make the property appear too bland, taking away any individuality that it may have.

Regional Popularity

Homes located in different areas may have a tendency to gravitate toward certain color choices than in others. Depending on where your home is located, you may find that some neutrals like Savannah Wicker get a lot more use, and can help to increase your curb appeal more than in other areas. Siding color is always a personal choice for homeowners, but in some areas it can also help to dictate the curb appeal of the property, as well as how quickly a home may sell.

Neutral tones like Savannah Wicker tend to be popular nearly everywhere. Shades in this family do get more use in the mid-west, however, where more natural colors are more popular, as well as in the north where there is a focus on neutrals and more sedate color tones. As an accent color, Savannah Wicker would also do very well in the South, where darker home colors tend to be the more popular options. Because the color works so well on stucco-look architectural panels, southwestern homes can also get a lot of mileage out of this particular color. To match your region, pay attention to accents and roofing colors to find the best match.

Consider Allura Savannah Wicker Siding

Savannah Wicker siding from Allura is a rich neutral with gold and gray undertones that make it the perfect match to many different areas and architectural styles. Paired with long lasting fiber cement siding, Savannah Wicker color will never fade, chip, or peel, which means that it will last as long as you own your home, both in functionality and in its good looks and neutral popularity. Consider Savannah Wicker from Allura for your home and create long lasting style for your property.