Allura Remodeler Spotlight: Rossmoyne, Inc.

Since 1986, Rossmoyne has been serving Southern California with integrity and an attention to detail that set them head and shoulders above the competition. A skilled team of more than 140 members, Rossmoyne has completed more than 7,000 projects in the Los Angeles area, earning them a reputation for care and excellence that is unparalleled in the field.

Rossmoyne’s dedication and drive has helped them become one of the largest exterior cladding companies in California. So, when the Runway Playa Vista community on the west side of Los Angeles needed to find a company that could serve all the needs in creating an exterior for this mixed-use area, Rossmoyne rose to the challenge.

Runway Playa Vista

Playa Vista is a beachside community located at the site of Howard Hughes’ former aircraft plant, runway, and hangers. This mixed-use development allows residents to live and work just minutes from the ocean, with more than 25 community parks, expansive amounts of outdoor space, and many of the most sought-after retailers and restaurants in the area.

Included in the project is more than 400 apartments, as well as a high-tech cinema, Whole Foods Market, and featured artwork throughout the space. The aim is to attract residents who work in many of the high-tech industries nearby, including Facebook and YouTube.

Playa Vista has so many different facets, that Rossmoyne was challenged to come up with unique, innovative, and durable surfaces for all the varied exteriors. This type of development doesn’t work unless each area can be given its own character, branding, and individuality. This means that contractors need to step up their game to find ways to achieve the different looks required by the project.

Rossmoyne achieved this goal by mixing a variety of different styles and materials across the exteriors of the multi-use project. Rather than sticking to merely one material, color, brand, or style, Rossmoyne mixed and matched some of the best materials out there, meeting not only the needs of the project, but also many of today’s hottest trends for mixed use materials in architecture.

A sampling of materials found across the exterior of the project include redwood rainscreen cladding, high pressure laminates, wood-grain aluminum, and Allura’s Timber Series fiber cement trim with Armorshell finish.

Why Allura

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With so many different materials to choose from, Rossmoyne had no trouble seeking out the best for this project. Multi-use centers like Playa Vista have very specific needs. Not only does their style need to mesh, while remaining individual between buildings, the exteriors also need to hold up to whatever life can throw at them.

A project of this size can only lead to similarly sized maintenance costs down the road, which is why it’s so important to choose durable materials that will last, keeping maintenance to a minimum without sacrificing style. That’s why Allura fiber cement was chosen to be one of the targeted materials for this use.

Fiber cement is made of a mixture of sand, silica, cellulose fiber, and Portland cement. It’s exceptionally durable, and can hold up well to the high temperatures of Los Angeles, as well as the weather extremes there. The finish won’t peel, chip, or fade, allowing for years of low-maintenance beauty.

Fiber cement also comes in a wide range of different styles, allowing it to blend well with other materials. This includes both cedar-look planks and shingles, as well as architectural panels and trim. This versatility helps multi-use projects like Playa Vista maintain their character throughout the many exteriors used.

A Successful Combination

Contractors like Rossmoyne, combined with quality materials like Allura fiber cement helped to make Playa Vista a success. With Rossmoyne’s dedication to excellence, this type of successful project is sure to be repeated again soon.