11 New Fiber Cement Siding Colors Available Now!

In response to market demands, Allura has released eleven new fiber cement siding colors and they are available for purchase now. This update to the Colormax© palette features one new stain as well as ten new solid colors. Each color was carefully crafted to provide customers with classic options, unique takes on the classics, as well as some bold new choices. Check out the brief synopsis of all the new choices below and decide which is your new favorite!

1. Ashen

Ashen is the perfect color choice when you are looking for a subtle gray. It boasts enough gray to make a statement, but not so much that it overwhelms. It pairs well with darker contrasting colors for a clean look.

2. Bark

Similar to the trunk of a large Silver Maple Tree, Bark’s blend of brown and gray shades certainly pay homage to nature. Green trees and lush landscaping would be perfectly accented against this color.

3. Caramelized Pears

This color incorporates just a hint of yellow to give a different level of character to an otherwise neutral tone. Caramelized Pears is a cheerful and inviting choice for any home or project exterior.

4. Cavalry

This is the darkest color addition to the Colormax© palette. Cavalry is a deep blue that is both contemporary and bold. Pair it with contrasting light colors for a dramatic effect. Against this dark blue, bright white trim is more pronounced.

5. Cinder

Cinder’s color is similar to that of deep gray embers and is the newest stain addition to Allura’s palette. The depth of this color pairs well with wood grain texture siding, creating a marked visual effect.

6. Cool Charcoal

Cool Charcoal has unique undertones that hint at purple. This color addition reveals different and beautiful hues depending on with which colors it is matched.

7. Gray Heron

A unique addition to the palette, Gray Heron’s appealing blend of blues, greens, and grays creates a soothing tone. Perfect for just about any setting, this cool color combination pairs well with a variety of trim colors.

8. Knight’s Armor

Knight’s Armor stays true to its name. Deep in color, cool in tone, and guaranteed to be a strong choice for any home exterior.

9. Plunge Pool

This is another cool color addition to the ColorMax© palette. Like a serene lake, a green hue takes center stage for Plunge Pool without overwhelming it, inviting you to jump in for swim.

10. Red Rock Falls

This color addition to the palette is the perfect blend of brown and red tones. Red Rock Falls brings out the warm tones and rich shades of the desert.

11. Rock Cliffs

Rock Cliffs is a brown tone that is subtle without being drab. This color is quite versatile and pairs well with darker and lighter shades. Just as you would see along a mountainside, Rock Cliffs looks great next to grays, browns and greens.

Choose the ColorMax© Palette

Allura’s new colors represent careful research into what’s trending amongst homeowners and builders. The variety of this color palette presents the perfect choice for all regions and architectural styles. 

From the perfect blue hue for a beach side bungalow to an earthy red for a high desert home, this palette has something for every taste and project. Whichever color you choose, you will have the confidence of knowing that it will remain vibrant for years to come without fading, chipping or peeling.