Highlighting Panels with Easy Trim Reveals

Fiber cement panels are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for architects and homeowners designing a modern façade for their home or building. Fiber cement panels come in several different textures, colors, and finishes and can be cut and sized in a number of ways to customize the exterior of the home. These panels aren’t complete, however, being installed on their own; to make the installation complete you need to pair them with Easy Trim Reveals.

Pairing Trim and Panels

When traditional horizontal lap siding is installed, the boards slightly overlay one another, helping to create a watertight seal and direct water away from the underlayment. When panels are installed, however, they are usually butt-edged against one another to create a sleeker profile. This in turn leaves a gap between each panel that must be sealed and filled to avoid moisture and water from seeping between the panels and into the building behind them. Caulk isn’t generally the answer to this type of problem due to the nature of the panels, their size, and the sheer number of them that could be covering the building.

Therefore, the answer is to install trim or reveals between the panels. Easy Trim Reveals are essentially aluminum frames for the panels made up of ½-inch of tab and ½-inch of reveal. They come in 10 different profiles meant to match any fiber cement panel, giving you the opportunity to come up with customized, modern or contemporary coverings whether you choose to go sleek or industrial in your appearance.

Ease of Installation

Easy Trim Reveals help make the installation process of the fiber cement panels faster, easier, and more cost effective. The ez.lock system means that you don’t have any visible fasteners in place on the panels themselves, so nothing interrupts the appearance of the design.

Simply install the vertical backplates pneumatically to the sheathing with standard size nails, then lay the panels in place. The top cap is then locked into place on top of the panel and into the vertical backplates, where the channel teeth will engage, locking everything tightly together. Pre-built corners, vertical J-trim and large, ½-inch tabs help make the installation process go faster. Cuts do not have to be as precise, allowing you to not only work more quickly, but to reduce waste as well.

Water Resistant Panels and Trim

Fiber cement products are naturally water resistant. When paired with the Easy Trim Reveals to seal up the gap between the panels, you get superior water and element protection for the entire building at once.

The reveals are engineered to allow for water and air flow, directing water away from the building at an 8 degree angle on all horizontal surfaces, so the trim will not catch and hold water like other systems. The trim also moves the panels up and away from areas where water is likely to collect, further lessening the chances of any water damage or water infiltration through the system to the building beneath.

Uniquely Customizable

Just like fiber cement panels are infinitely versatile and customizable, so are the Easy Trim Reveals. The reveals come in either aluminum, black, or primed finishes that can be field painted to perfectly match the exterior of the building. Now you can create lines that emphasize the shape of the building, blend in perfectly with windows and other trim, stand out from the panels, or blend in. And with 10 different profiles to mix and match with the four textures and 22 colors of panels, you’ll be able to come up with the perfect look and solution for your building’s needs.

Color match your trim to the 8-inch groove cedar panels to create a rustic modern façade for your building, or install aluminum reveals on a boldly colored smooth panel to create a dramatic contrast and make your building stand out. The choice is yours when you’re using Easy Trim Reveals with fiber cement panels. Combined, they become a simple, effective, and attractive system for designing, covering, and protecting any home or building no matter its style or size. Easy Trim Reveals can help you increase the curb appeal of the building easily, while providing superior protection from the elements at the same time.

Invest in Fiber Cement Panels with Easy Trim Reveals

The Easy Trim Reveal system from Allura combines style, durability, and practicability into one easy to use system. No matter what the style of the home or building you’re working on, it’s easy to get the look that you want, along with the ease of installation, durability, and low-maintenance that fiber cement panels are known for. Invest in fiber cement panels with Easy Trim Reveals for your next home or building’s exterior and make the switch to a superior system with superior results.