Allura's Advanced Technology is Built to Last

Learn why ALLURA is on the cutting-edge. (The cutting edge of science, that is)

Every structure benefits from a durable exterior, which makes Allura fiber cement siding a concrete option for builders, architects and homeowners. Forecasted to overtake the siding industry, fiber cement has a long-lasting protection built into its formula. Allura and Plycem’s world-renowned scientists have manufactured the most durable fiber cement product available on the market.



An engineered alternative. The demand to use fiber cement as a value engineered alternative to wood, vinyl, metal panels, cement or stucco applications is on the rise in homes, schools, multi-family, light commercial and mixed-use projects. Made of sand, cement, cellulose fibers and an advanced formula developed to strengthen the overall flexural strength, Allura fiber cement is engineered to be fire proof, impervious to insects and weather-resistant.


The advantages of Allura's fiber cement technology are plentiful because of the extensive manufacturing process. It starts by grinding sand into powder fine granules before mixing it with Plycem's proprietary scientific method, which includes an optimal blend of cement and wood pulp with an exclusive formula. Pressurized steam enhances the chemical reaction between the ingredients to cure the cement clapboard. After it undergoes a strenuous impact test to ensure stress points don’t give way under induced weight, Allura applies architectural accuracy by repeating a textured pattern every 48 planks.


From core to surface, Allura stands above the rest due to its proprietary formula and proven scientific evidence that fiber cement can resist force impact, fire, moisture and insects. Please contact an Allura representative to learn more.