Fiber Cement Siding Cost: The Best Return on Investment Around

Fiber Cement Siding Cost vs Value

Why Allura Fiber Cement Siding is the Best Investment for Your Home

While some of the home improvements and changes people make to their homes are for comfort, repair, or other personal reasons, one of the biggest driving forces behind them is the return on investment, or ROI. This means that you’re improving the value of your home to the point where you not only get to enjoy those home improvements for yourself, but that you’ll recoup some of the cost at resale. And while it’s tempting to think about putting on a new addition or converting an unused room into an office, these aren’t going to get you the biggest bang for your buck. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost versus Value report, the single home improvement that’s going to allow you to recoup a whopping 84% at time of resale is fiber cement siding.

The Impact of Curb Appeal

A lot of people speak about curb appeal when it comes to their home, but what does it really mean? Curb appeal refers to that important first impression that people have when they first take a look at your home when they pull up in front. If your home has faded, peeling, or old siding it’s going to bring down their first impression, lowering their opinion of the whole house. It doesn’t matter what the interior looks like at that point, because the first impression has already been made. On the other hand, a home that is covered in new, decorative, and attractive fiber cement siding is going to make a great first impression, which will lead people to think more favorably about the house in general.

Curb appeal is crucial to your home on several levels from finding a buyer when it’s time to sell, to making sure that your home matches the rest of the neighborhood, keeping you in good standing with your HOA. A home with good curb appeal also maintains its value better, so you’re more likely to get a higher price at time of sale than you would with a home that looks rundown or that has obvious problems with its siding and exterior.

Fiber Cement and ROI

For the last seven years in a row, fiber cement siding has topped Remodeling Magazine’s Cost versus Value report as the best investment you can make in your home. Of the 35 categories listed under home improvements fiber cement remains at number one with a return on investment of 84.3% at time of resale nationwide. And when you consider the impact that curb appeal has on a house’s value and on potential buyers, it just makes sense that fiber cement siding is getting such incredible results. Compare this with a 69% return on vinyl siding or a 54% return on a garage addition, and you’ll see that investing in fiber cement siding is more likely to pay off than any other improvements you may choose to make in an effort to increase your home’s value.

Fiber cement is unlikely to peel, fade, rot, or develop any other issues that are likely in homes with wood or vinyl siding. This means that your home’s curb appeal will stay strong year after year, maintaining that initial investment for whenever it is that you plan on selling. And in the meantime, you get to enjoy a beautiful home exterior with no maintenance or worries.

Choose Allura

With everything that rides on your home’s curb appeal, you want to choose the best there is. Allura Fiber Cement helps to set your home apart from the competition with numerous attractive and decorative siding options. Choose from realistic looking wood grain, or ultra-smooth boards to complement a wide range of architectural features. You can also choose to have your home painted in a solid color, or take on the look of real wood with a stain from the ColorMax® Finishing System.

Allura is also an environmentally friendly product, with a proprietary formula that uses recycled materials and a water and energy conservation process that helps make it an exceptionally green choice. When you choose Allura Fiber Cement siding for your home, you get an eco-conscious, non-combustible product that won’t warp, fade, rot, or peel, and that will protect your home for as long as you own it.

With Allura you get the look you want for your home, with the ROI you’ve come to expect from fiber cement siding. Choose from a range of different decorative siding options for your home, and get a lasting curb appeal that is sure to get you the highest return on investment there is.

Make the Right Choice

If you’ve been considering some home improvements that will help increase your home’s value, get you the best possible return on investment, and increase your home’s curb appeal at the same time, be sure to consider fiber cement siding from Allura – and get the best there is for your home.