Cavalry Blue Siding: Allura’s New Color Review

The right exterior color can really set the stage for your home. A fitting color choice can improve your home’s value and curb appeal, or the first impression your home makes on someone. The perfect color choice can also speak to your personal style and taste. 

Blue, in any shade, tends to be a popular color. Its association with the ocean and the sky give it a natural calming effect. It is pleasing to the eye and extremely versatile in terms of decorating. 

Allura has taken blue to the next level with their newest color release. Allura’s Cavalry siding is a dark blue pop of color that is guaranteed to impress.

Go Bold with Dark Blue Siding

Market research shows that increasingly more homeowners and builders are looking to incorporate vivid colors into their building exteriors, rather than the run of the mill neutral tones. To meet this market demand, Allura created Cavalry as part of the Colormax© collection.

This dark blue exterior home siding is a deep color that pairs well with contrasting light colors to create a bold statement. Against this dark colored siding, bright white trim appears more defined and aesthetically pleasing. The richness of this blue means it can also pair well with different shades of gray. Even black or brown accents on your home will incorporate well with Cavalry blue. 

Regional Popularity

Blue is such a versatile color, that Cavalry could be incorporated with any home and in just about any region. Dark blue, in particular, can be used for varying applications because it pairs well with many color combinations. 

Since blue hues naturally highlight greens, this color would be an excellent choice for areas with lots of vegetation. The dark blue house siding makes the perfect backdrop for lush landscaping and large trees. Foliage of varying shades of green will be accented against the deep blue. 

Coastal regions are also an excellent setting for dark blue house siding because it plays off the varying blue shades of the ocean. Sea themed décor is universally popular and is not confined to the use of light blues. Combining lighter shades of gray and blue, as well as crisp whites, with Cavalry can create the perfect seaside feel. Design the perfect beach cottage with dark blue house siding. 

Contemporary architecture and Cavalry colored siding make the perfect duo. Cavalry’s sleek and cutting-edge look make it the perfect color choice for homes with a more contemporary design.  

Choose Cavalry Colormax©

If you envision a contemporary and clean looking color for your home’s exterior, Cavalry is the perfect selection. When you choose to go bold with this dark blue house siding, you know that it will remain vibrant for years to come without fading, chipping, or peeling.