Choosing the Right Siding Color for Your Home

Siding does more than simply cover your home; it also gives your home a sense of a style and contributes heavily to your curb appeal. So when it’s time to install new siding or to repaint what’s already on your home, a lot of homeowners find themselves wondering exactly what color is going to work the best. Choosing the right color siding for your home can be a challenge, but there are several ways you can help narrow down the selection until you find exactly what it is you’re looking for. 

Take Clues from Your Home

Did you know that most architectural styles have a palette of colors that were originally thought up to go with it? For example, Victorian style architecture is painted in what is known as “Somber” colors, or colors that had some black added to the paint to pay tribute to Queen Victoria who continuously wore black after her husband’s death.

So by finding out what your home’s “true” color palette is, you can help narrow down the number of choices that will look good on it. Keep in mind that you do not have to use any of the colors in the palette if you don’t find one that suits your personal tastes, but this can be a good starting point for either narrowing down your choices or for eliminating many.

Taking clues from your home can also include seeing how many different details your siding has. For example, if you have a lot of trim, or different types of siding such as shingles on the upper half of your home and lap siding on the lower, you may want to consider accenting these with different shades or colors. By seeing how many different natural breaks there are in your exterior, it can help you determine how many colors you may need. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes a home can be painted one solid color with only contrasting trim no matter how many types of siding were used; the choice is ultimately yours, so you’ll need to determine if you want to show off those different areas or not.

Look at Your Neighborhood

This is particularly important if you plan on selling your home within a few years of choosing your siding color. If your home stands out too much from other, similar homes in your neighborhood, it could negatively impact your resale value. So take the time to find out what other homes nearby are being painted. Pay particular attention to other homes of similar architectural style, for example if you have a Colonial, and you notice that most of the nearby Colonials are shades of cream, yellow, and gray then you may want to select a color that is in keeping with those. If you want your home to stand out, consider using a boldly painted front door or contrasting shutters; something that’s easier for home buyers to change if they don’t like the color as much as you do.

If you plan on staying in your home for longer, however, it’s fine to break the neighborhood mold and go in a different direction.

Look at Many Examples

Siding can be painted in many, many different colors. Some siding may come in a range of pre-finished colors and shades, while others can be primed and painted in any color you choose. So take the time to go for a drive through several neighborhoods and to look at pictures of homes and siding on the internet. The more colors you see, the more you’ll probably discover a pattern. For example, you may find yourself constantly being drawn to homes painted a shade of blue. Now you only need to narrow down the right shade of blue for your home, instead of trying to pick a color from the thousands of available options.

If you spend time looking at siding gallery photos, you may also get a sense of what colors are readily available, so if you find yourself being drawn to blue homes, you can then see what shades of blue may be ready to go. This can save you a lot of time and work, and will ensure that your home’s color will ultimately be more consistent with what you want.

Look at Samples

Once you think you know the color or colors you’re going to use, be sure to get a few samples, either of painted siding or of the paint itself. Look at the color right up against your home in all lights and times of day for about a week to be sure that it looks as good in this area as it did in the place you found it. You’re sure to find the perfect siding this way, as you can tweak or change before the color covers your whole home.

Make the Right Choice

Color plays an important role in your home’s curb appeal. While choosing the right color of siding can be difficult at times, it pays off in the end when your home is looking its best. Choose the right color for your siding to help ensure your home continues to look as good as possible for the longest amount of time.