Project Spotlight – Caltrans’ Renovated Rest Stops Made with Allura Siding

After more than 10 years of planning and a year and a half of renovations, Caltrans’ rest stops on interstate 5 in California have finally reopened. With more than half a million people visiting the stops each year, Caltran wanted to create a facility that would meet the needs not only of those who stop there, but also the surrounding area as well. This was done in part with smart features, low-water consumption plumbing and landscaping, and exterior coverings like Allura that will keep maintenance costs down going forward.

Environmentally Responsible

With such a large undertaking as the renovation of these rest stops, and the current state of the climate in California, a large emphasis was placed on the new buildings being environmentally responsible. For this reason, everything put into the project from the drought-resistant landscaping to the additional shade structures put in are eco-friendly for the area.

This includes the siding used to cover the rest stops. Made of a blend of sand, silica, cellulose fiber, and Portland cement, fiber cement siding is a much more eco-friendly choice for the buildings that wood or vinyl. The siding also lasts significantly longer than either wood or vinyl, so there’s less impact on the environment now, and over the lifetime of the buildings.

Low Maintenance and Durable

With the amount of time given to this project, it makes sense that the materials chosen will be as long lasting and low maintenance as possible to make sure that the project is a success. This includes the Allura siding, which is far more durable and longer lasting that many other siding products on the market.

Allura doesn’t require the same amount of scraping or repainting that wood requires, and is also resistant to rot and insect activity, so it will require fewer repairs. The material is also fire resistant – a must in a drought stricken area where fires can quickly burn out of control.

Allura also holds up better in the extreme heat of the area than vinyl siding. While vinyl may melt and warp in the hot sun, Allura’s fiber cement siding is unaffected. So, the beauty of the new buildings will last for the maximum amount of time without needing costly repairs and maintenance.

Good Looks and Style

In addition to its durability, fiber cement siding also brings an attractive style to the buildings. With so many people visiting the stops each year, and the amount of time and planning that went into the project, Caltrans has created buildings that they can be proud of, and that visitors will want to stop at.

The fiber cement siding chosen to cover the buildings has a realistic-looking wood grain that pairs well with the fieldstone skirt on the buildings. The colors also work well with the metal roofing, giving the buildings a cohesive look that complements the landscape of the area and creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone who passes that way.

A Successful Project with Long Lasting Results

After the years of planning and construction that went into the new rest stops on interstate 5, it’s safe to call the new buildings a success. Made of environmentally responsible materials that will give lasting, maintenance free beauty for many years to come, the new Caltran buildings are something for the state of California to be proud of.

Visitors traveling the interstate will now have state of the art facilities that will meet their needs. And with Allura fiber cement siding and trim covering the exteriors, these buildings will continue to meet their needs into the next decades and beyond.

To learn more about the Caltran's project watch the ribbon cutting ceremony below: