Allura Color Spotlight: Cool Charcoal

For the last several years, the one color that has produced nearly universal appeal for both interiors and exteriors is grey. Particularly, cool, neutral tones of grey that can pair well with black, white, red, and other accents.

There are many shades of grey to choose from for both your interior and exterior siding, but not all of them are going to work on every home. Some shades will be too dark, others too warm with a brown undertone. Some will even be too light, not having the personality to stand up to many different architectural styles.

Cool Charcoal from Allura, however, is the perfect shade of grey for every siding job. Not too light, not too dark, with a rich, deep, cool undertone that plays up shadows and texture on your home to perfection. This is a shade of grey for every style of home, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. 

Versatile Color

One of the reasons that grey is so popular is the way that it works with so many different accents. Grey is neutral, but has a lot more character than beige, cream, and other traditional neutral tones.

Cool Charcoal has the same properties as other popular grey hues. It has enough depth to stand up to really bold accents such as red or turquoise blue, but on its own, it’s still a neutral, working well with crisp white trim and black shutters as well. 

This means that Cool Charcoal can appeal to those that want their exterior to pop and those that want their exterior to have a quiet, more understated presence. This shade of grey has a lot of versatility, blending in well with whatever accents and architectural style your home has. 

Regional Appeal

Take a trip around the country, and you’ll discover that different regions tend to favor specific colors, hues, and tones. Cool Charcoal is one shade that you’ll likely find in many areas.

The color is dark enough to work well in the south, where darker, bolder colors are often desired. Yet, it’s still neutral enough to work in New England, where a more somber tone is often in use. When paired with the right accent colors to play up its cool undertones, the color would also fit in well in the Pacific Northwest, where cool shades and stormy colors are often prized. 

It’s the versatility of Cool Charcoal and the fact that it matches so well with different accents that give it a wider appeal than some other tones. No matter where your home is located, this is a color that is sure to be a hit. 

Architectural Style

The architectural style of a home can have a big impact on how the color appears. It can also have an impact on what colors work best for that style. Many architectural styles have a built in color palette; sticking to colors in that palette or that are close to it tends to give better results.

Cool Charcoal’s versatility works well in this area, too. The color is dark enough to work well on Victorians, which need a “somber” hue or base to look their best. But, the shade is still rich enough to work well in a variety of other styles as well, including cottages, ranches, and contemporary homes. 

The key is in the type of siding that you install. Cool Charcoal gains depth the more shadows and texture are introduced. So, a home clad in shingles will have a very different appearance than a home clad in horizontal lap siding. Combining different siding styles in the same color can really make Cool Charcoal pop.

Charcoal Siding Design Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can use this versatile color on your home, consider any of the following designs and color combinations.

1. Mixed Siding

charcoal siding

This home features Cool Charcoal in both horizontal lap siding and cedar-look shingles. Crisp white trim highlights them both, letting the color be the dominating factor in the exterior. The way the color changes subtly across the different types of siding is what gives the home dimension and character.

2. Cool Classics

This home plays up the popularity of the color grey, and makes great use of a monochromatic palette with Cool Charcoal at the center. Different shades of grey combine to create a very soft and subtle exterior design that lets the focus be on the architecture. The result is charming, and traditional, but not boring.

3. Color Pop

charcoal siding with white trim

What brings this home’s style into focus is the deep burgundy accents on the shutters and door. The Cool Charcoal siding combined with the grey roof and white trim creates a quiet backdrop that really lets that red pop. The cool undertone to the burgundy also pairs well with the cool undertone on the siding, creating a very cohesive look.

4. Smooth and Sleek Siding

dark charcoal siding

This home uses horizontal lap siding across its entire exterior. The rich, deep color of Cool Charcoal helps prevent it from becoming flat, pairing well with the white trim and black shutters. The red doors add just the right amount to color to keep things lively. 

Consider Cool Charcoal for Your Next Siding Project

If you love the idea of a grey exterior siding for your home, give a look to Cool Charcoal. This wonderfully versatile shade can complement a wide range of homes and regions. Consider Cool Charcoal from Allura for your next siding project to bring out the best in your home’s curb appeal.