5 Ways Fiber Cement Siding Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal does more than simply make your home look well cared for. This important attribute can help contribute to how quickly your home sells, play a big role in your home’s value, can affect property values on your street or in your neighborhood, affect your insurance, and dictate how much notice your property gets. So it’s no wonder that some of the things you can do to your home’s exterior are the ones that tend to hold their value the longest, and give you the biggest return on investment. Fiber cement siding has been on the top of Remodeling Magazine’s Cost VS Value report for the last few years running for one very important reason; it can do more to boost your home’s long term curb appeal than nearly anything else. These five examples show just how big an impact fiber cement can have your home home’s appearance and curb appeal.

1. Long Term Good Looks

A home that’s been freshly painted or resided looks great, but wood, vinyl, and aluminum sided homes only look good for a short period of time. Within months to a few years, you’ll start to notice things like peeling paint, fading color, cracks, dents, and other damage. Which means that none of these types of siding or maintenance will give you long term curb appeal.

Fiber cement is different. It doesn’t peel, chip, fade, rot, dent, or crack, so even after 10, 15, or 20 years your home is going to continue to look just as good as it did on the day that you installed it. This long term curb appeal is part of the reason you get such a high rate of return at time of resale, even if you don’t plan on selling your home right away.

2. Pure, Unfaded Color

The way that paint is applied to the fiber cement helps ensure that the color stays true year after year. The proprietary method of paint application ensures that there’s no fading, chipping, or peeling. In fact, it’s easy to get and to maintain a bold, rich color on your home with very little effort using fiber cement siding.

This means that whether you choose from any of the 22 paint or stain colors, available, or you choose to paint your home in any color you desire, the paint colors are going to look fresh, bright, and vivid for years. Most vinyl and aluminum siding don’t come in such vivid tones, simply because they can’t maintain them. And paint in a vivid color just means more upkeep down the road, causing many homeowners to choose “safer” more neutral tones for their homes. A bold, vivid, richly saturated color on fiber cement is sure to stand out and attract attention, drawing the eye to your home and its appearance.

3. Lots of Decorative Choices

One of the best things about fiber cement siding after its low maintenance and durability, is the fact that it’s available in so many different styles, trims, and decorative pieces. You don’t have to settle for a look or a siding that doesn’t complement the rest of your home. With fiber cement siding, you can choose to use:

- Traditional lap siding
- Board and batten siding
- Straight or irregular shingles
- Irregular shakes
- Octagonal or hexagonal shingles
- Smooth or textured architectural panels

Best of all, you can combine these different looks to pick out the detail on every area of your home. So whether you have a contemporary or a Victorian, you can easily complement every last inch.

4. Contemporary Appeal

If you own a contemporary home, you’ve probably felt confined with your exterior siding choices before. Traditional lap siding, stucco, and brick just don’t carry the same contemporary impact that the clean lines of your home or building do. Fiber cement architectural panels and trim, however, can get you exactly the look that you want for your home. Whether you choose smooth panels with color matched trim, or you use more angular panels with a contrasting trim, you can easily complement your contemporary style home.

5. Complete Home Coverage

Have you ever seen a home that’s done partially in vinyl and partially in wood? The vinyl may look alright, but the wood is likely beginning to peel or chip, detracting from the look of the house. This is because there just aren’t enough trim and decorative options available in vinyl to cover every inch of your home.

With fiber cement siding, you can cover everything from your roof to your deck to your porch ceiling, and everything in between. So you don’t need to worry about the maintenance on just a few small areas, or worry that those areas are going to start to show wear in just a few short years.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

When you look at it from every angle, it’s easy to see why fiber cement siding can help boost your home’s curb appeal well beyond what wood or vinyl can do. If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal and maximize the return on your investment, turn to fiber cement siding to do the job.