5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is quickly becoming well known as one of the most durable, longest lasting materials you can use to cover your home in. If you’ve finished a job and have some siding left over, or maybe if you’re building on to your home and have to remove some boards for the edition, what do you do with them? There are several ways you can repurpose fiber cement siding around your home to make better use of this incredibly durable material.

Tree House

Have your kids always wanted a tree house? Why not side the tree house in fiber cement? Not only will you have a fantastic looking building when you’re finished, you’ll get all of the same benefits that fiber cement brings to your house. You won’t have to worry about water damaging or rotting the tree house, you won’t have to scrap or repaint it over time, and no matter how rough your kids get up there, hauling rocks in through a window or putting on plays, the tree house is bound to hold up to anything they can throw at it.

Under-Stairs Study Area

Looking for ways to make more space in your home? Consider opening up the area beneath your stairs and finishing it with fiber cement panels to make a contemporary, durable study or work area. Fiber cement comes in a number of bold colors that can make a fun statement in a dark area such as beneath the stairs. You can also use the planks to build things right into the walls, such as cubbies or a desk to make the area more user friendly and to make the most out of the entire space.

Dog House

Fido deserves to have a home that is just as durable and comfortable as yours. So when you’re done siding your home in fiber cement, why not use the leftover planks to build a dog house as well? You’ll be able to match the color and style of the rest of your home to enhance the curb appeal of your yard, and you’ll never have to worry about repainting the dog house or replacing rotting planks over time. And because of how durable fiber cement is, even if your dog likes to jump up on the walls of his new home, his claws won’t be able to damage it.

Raised Bed Gardens

Creating a raised bed garden in your yard? Consider durable, low-maintenance fiber cement to do the job. Just tack down a sheet of weed barrier beneath the fiber cement before putting the planks into place to put something between the planks and the ground. Now go ahead and fill in your raised bed with earth and start planting. With the beautiful colors and finishes of fiber cement, your new raised bed garden will perfectly complement the rest of your home.

Contemporary Patio Fencing

Want to fence in your patio, and have some fun with different colors or textures at the same time? Consider building your fence out of fiber cement. The planks or panels can be used in a variety of different ways, including horizontally to create a unique looking fence that can complement your garden and your home at the same time. And with the low-maintenance and durability of fiber cement, you won’t have to worry about any upkeep on your fence over the years as well.

Have Fun with Fiber Cement

In many ways, fiber cement planks and panels can be used just like wood. So get creative and have a little fun with any leftover fiber cement you may have on hand to create some stylish, durable, and low-maintenance projects around your home.