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Creating the Perfect at Home Office for your Home Builder Business

Thursday, June 30 2016
Home 20builder 20office 20design

By Mary Sauer of Home Improvement Leads

Building a home builder business from scratch is time consuming and work often…

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10 Remarkable Smart Home Technology Ideas

Thursday, June 23 2016
Smart 20home 20technology 20ideas 201

The idea of a smart home isn’t exactly new. In fact, people have been predicting many of today’s smart home…

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17 Fiber Cement Siding Color Ideas

Tuesday, June 21 2016
Fiber 20cement 20siding 20color 20ideas 207

Your home’s exterior plays a major role in its curb appeal. And part of that curb appeal comes from the…

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Hiring a Professional Versus Do-it-Yourself Siding Installation

Tuesday, June 14 2016
Hiring 20a 20professional 20siding 20contractor

By Mary Sauer

For homeowners with backgrounds in construction or carpentry, using the skills learned in their profession to make…

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5 Beautiful Half Round Siding Examples

Thursday, June 09 2016
Half 20round 20siding 20example 201 1

There are many different types of architecture that need something decorative on the exterior in addition to the more traditional…

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Multi-Family Housing Popularity Increases with Fiber Cement Products

Tuesday, June 07 2016
Multi 20family 20housing 20fiber 20cement 20products

Multi-family homes have been steadily gaining in popularity over the last several years, with recent estimates finding that as many…

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Faux Cedar Shingles: A Breakdown of the Best Alternatives for a Cedar Shake Look

Thursday, June 02 2016
Faux 20cedar 20shingles

Cedar shingles have an attractive and distinctive appearance that complements many different types of architecture. From cottages to bungalows, you…

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