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Autumn Red Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Monday, October 10 2016
Autumn red siding 2

An exciting color that conveys strength, power, and energy to a home, red is one of most common and popular…

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What is Lap Siding?

Thursday, October 06 2016
What is lap siding

Houses can be sided or clad in a number of different styles and materials. One of the most common and…

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What is Ventilated Soffit and Why Is It Important to Your Home?

Tuesday, October 04 2016
Ventilated soffit 2

The soffit is one of the most overlooked part of your home’s façade. Tucked up under the overhang of your…

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Savannah Wicker Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Thursday, September 22 2016
Savannah wicker siding 2

Neutral, natural tones have been one of the most popular choices for siding color around the country for many years…

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Fiber Cement Siding Trends in Canada

Thursday, September 15 2016
Fiber cement siding canada

For the last several years, fiber cement siding has seen a lot of growth worldwide, with a 4.4% global rise…

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Fiber Cement Siding for Garages

Thursday, September 08 2016
Fiber cement siding for garages

Whether your garage is attached to the rest of your home, or it’s located elsewhere on your property, you want…

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Flagstone Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Thursday, September 01 2016
Flagstone siding 2

Color trends come and go, but many homeowners are beginning to move toward colors in and on their homes that…

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Before and After with Allura Fiber Cement

Tuesday, August 16 2016
Allura fiber cement 5454

Fiber cement siding has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the last several years. As homeowners begin to look for…

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7 Things to Consider When Residing Your Home

Thursday, August 11 2016
Residing your home 2  1

Siding does more than simply cover your home’s exterior; this important piece of your home’s curb appeal also protects it…

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12 Modern Home Exterior Ideas to Steal From Allura's Image Gallery

Tuesday, August 09 2016
Modern home exterior ideas

The appeal of modern homes continues to grow each year. And with that appeal comes more and more homeowners who…

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